Bali, for a thousand years, Balinese have transformed the landscape of their island, terracing hillsides and digging canals to irrigate the land, allowing them to grow rice. 

It has attracted visitors for centuries with a rich culture, spectacular natural beauty, unique customs and traditions, and people are very friendly.  

The most fascinating are those people; the soul of art that are recognized around the world. Balinese Hindu Dharma is the main faith of the people of Bali. These exotic mixtures form the basis for local worship, which so deeply into their everyday lives that the boundaries between the spiritual and the material are vague at best. 

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If you plan to take only one tour during your holiday in Bali, this is the ideal choice. The tour is perfect introduction to Bali’s fascinating culture and handicrafts, offering picturesque rice fields and villages, and the spectacular lake and volcano as a highlight ...